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Andrew Jerram

Thanks for sending this through Guys! Obviously this is something we are all looking into worldwide. Its great if we can share these documents even if they are drafts. lots of great ideas and also common sense thinking in this draft. There will always be some “issues” with time that will be difficult for production and Key Creatives to understand that this will add a lot of time inbetween takes and setups due to the social distancing proposals.

Great to start seeing some ideas. Keep them coming! 🙏

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Hi Dan

I know for a fact most video assist companies are setting up systems like this. Including internet, means to communicate, and most importantly,  the streaming server.

Balazs Rozgonyi
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On 2020. Apr 27., at 9:42, Dan Hurst Cassen via <> wrote:

Just had this sent to me from a friend of mine apparently this is a work in progress and not yet approved by the camera department, but...

Stay safe 

On 14 Apr 2020, at 7:17 pm, SCOTT DAHARB via <> wrote:

Hello Camera Folks,
Has anyone been approached or talked about "Isolation Production" or some variation of this?
I heard China is setting up teams that are quarantined and then used for projects maintaining the same team and limiting sets to a 50 person max.
Just looking to get a global sense of any news regarding the restart of work.
Hope you're all healthy and safe, thanks for any news and information.
Scott DaHarb
Local 600 1st AC
<Safe Working on Film Shoots Under Limited Covid-19 restrictions v4 24Apr20.pdf>

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