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Re: D-tap voltage

Re: D-tap voltage

Roger Phenix

some batteries with multi-D-taps on the side specify a max current supplied at each.  Some plates with D-tap have a built in replaceable fuse.  So one can't assume it's always "direct from the battery".  Usually the spec sheet will warn you if battery damage, through misapplication or defective cabling, is a possibility.

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No, they dont
the original idea of D-Tap was ro drive lights on Betacams. So they were connected direct from the onboard battery, and was not regulated to provide the maximum current available.
Its assumed D-tap is 12V, but could be up to 16V with lithium batteries.


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I am comparing the on-board 12v batteries specs. The D-tap conexion states de Amps but never seems to specify the exact voltaje. I´m wondering, do D-Taps provide always regulated 12v because that defines the standard or do they provide what voltage the battery state is. Same for the D-taps in on-board battery plates and so on.

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