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Re: Mobile Cyclorama

Re: Mobile Cyclorama

Geoff Boyle

These guys have a range of mobile screens etc…




I’ve used their kit a lot in the past, they are always helpful and although they show green I’m sure they can do any colour you need.


Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS
EU based cinematographer
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You might want to consider a pop up frame like companies use for trade shows (remember them?). I’ve seen some that accordion out to form a 10’x10’ wall but compact down to a very portable size. Then you just get a fabric “skin” to put on top of it and let it extend onto the floor. That way you could just wash it for reuse. 

Mitch Gross

New York

On Jul 22, 2020, at 8:48 AM, Graham Futerfas <gfuterfas.cml@...> wrote:

What size are you thinking? I would have suggested seamless, since it’s an obvious choice.

Graham Futerfas
Director of Photography
Los Angeles, CA

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