[ac] Alexa mini and slider. what do I need

Bill Reiter

Try using a quick release plate system to switch rapidly between slider and stix. 

You will need 2 matching  QR bases for the tops of the stix and slider and a plate for the base of the camera. You can find these at most dealers with prices from around $200 to $1000. Maybe find some used ones on Ebay. Good luck. 

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On Apr 8, 2018, at 5:09 AM, alecapomolla via Cml.News <> wrote:

Hi guys,


I'm on a one man band shoot with alexa mini, masterprimes and ff5. It's a food commercial, where I would like to use slider for table/counter shots.


Since the shots are only sticks and slider,  I would like to mount the camera on a slider and leave it there throughout the day to get static and slider- shot more efficiently. (as you would do with a technocrane on bigger budget).


My questions:


-Is it more efficient approach than keep changing from sticks to slider?


-what grip do I need with this camera kit? (slider- bowls- tripod(s?) ecc.


thank you.