HdLink Pro BlackMagic powered by Dtap

valentin alt

Hi everybody,

I don't know if somebody know about that. But I'm looking to power a Hdlink pro with a Dtap source in order to put it on the camera !
But I don't find any solution to power it with a dtap 12V source ! The only way to plug it is to use the AC/DC converter

I would really appreciate your help,

Cheers everybody,

Valentin Alt

Marty Brenneis

Those just have a standard 12V 2.5mm ID - 5.5mm OD center positive barrel plug for power. (now I have to go back and verify when I'm at the shop that it is 2.5 and not 2.1)

I suppose you could use a D-Tap to lighter plug and then into a small inverter and then plug the AC adapter into that to come out at 12V. (seen it done)
Or use something like this, I have used them on several rigs:

I make them custom for in-house use.  Out house users can buy them from someplace like B&H. (What is the B&H of the EU?)
Marty Brenneis
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