New Digital Cinema Society Streaming: Best Practices for On-Set Wireless at Sim Los Angeles on August 8, 2019


The Digital Cinema Society would like to share with the CML-AC list our two part streaming coverage of a Digital Cinema Society event held August 8th at Sim Los Angeles on the subject of Best Practices For On-Set Wireless.  In the first part, Hi-speed Cinematographer Enrique Del Rio shares his extensive research and prerecorded interviews with subject experts including:

-Nicol Verheem, Founder of Teradek and the CEO of parent company Creative Solutions

-Manolo Rojas, SOC, a SteadiCam Operator who co-founded ChilipepperLabs and DREAM

-Greg "Noodles" Johnson,  President of RF Film, a company that provides wireless expertise to major motion pictures and arial photography projects.

-Greg Smokler, Founder of Paralinx and the VP of Products for Creative Solutions, which includes the Teradek, Paralinx, SmallHD, and Wooden Camera brands.

The second part our coverage features a panel discussion moderated by Cinematographer and Founder of DCS, James Mathers.  Panelists include:

-Greg Smokler, Founder of Paralinx and the VP of Products for Creative Solutions

-Jaymie Bickford, Vice President, Camera US at Sim

-Michael Chambliss, Production Technology Specialist and Business Rep from IATSE Local 600 

-Hans Lau, a Co-Founder of Lumen Radio

-Enrique Del Rio, a Hi-Speed Cinematographer and presenter on Best Practices for On-Set Monitoring

View the complete coverage on Vimeo here:

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James Mathers
Cinematographer and Founder of DCS
Studio City, CA