NFTS A/C Course


Launched in 2017 this innovative Diploma is spread over three modules – each module lasts around 2 months. You’ll learn using Alexa, 16mm & 35mm to give you an all-round instruction and help you enter the industry as a 2nd AC or even in some cases a 1st AC. You’ll get to work on at least 8 films in varying roles giving you a CV to leave the school with.

The diploma’s modular feature means that you don’t have to do the modules over 1 year: you can spread it over two years allowing you to balance your work life. We also only charge you per module so you don’t have to worry about paying all up front.

What are we looking for? We are looking for energetic individuals who have had a some set experience as runners or camera trainees who are ready to take the next step. You’ll be taught by a mixture of tutors including most recently Keith McNamara (Harry Potter, Gladiator, Casino Royale). 

The deadline is September 27th.   For more information visit

Oliver Stapleton

DP & Co-Head of Cinematography at the NFTS.