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People who supported CML in 2020

Locked People who supported CML in 2020

Geoff Boyle

I send out a thank you every year but this has been a difficult year for everyone.
I really appreciate the support of all the people listed below, there are more than in any other year.
It's been a year where we have lost corporate sponsors as the effects of Covid bite but individuals have come to our aid more than ever.
This year we have 13,001 subscribers today and 151 people from that total have helped to support CML.

The corporate sponsors make testing and web discussions and visits to conferences and show's possible.

You are the people who pay for the discussion lists and the website, the heart of CML. 

Thank you...

Aaron Morton
Aaron Wise
Abby Levine
Adam Dada
Adrenaline Film Productions Inc.
Adrian Roup
alexander metcalfe
Andres Sanchez
Andrew Cutraro
Andrew Hoehn
Andrew Lowe
Andy Romanoff
Barry Schwartz
Ben Hoskyn
Ben Richardson
Brian Heller
Brian Rose
Brian Wengrofsky
Brian Wingert
Bryan Donnell
Carlos Esteves
Carlos Federico Rossini
Cedric Lejeune
Chase Becsey
Christophe Persoz
Colemar Nichols
Colin Elves
Comprehensive Communications
Craig Kief
Cynthia Pusheck
Dan M Keaton
Dana Christiaansen
Daniel Cowles
Daniel Drasin
Daniel Ring
Daryl Studebaker
Dave Blackham
David Amphlett
David Baud
David Brillhart
David Cawley
David Leitner
Dennis Riebenstahl
Donna Baird
Douglas Glover
Dwaine Maggart
Eric Rey
Eric Wenocur
Erik Messerschmidt
Filmwork, Inc.
foerster productions
Franz Pagot
Frazer Bradshaw
Frisly Soberanis
Georges Leurquin Sterk
Glenn Dicus
Gordon Smith
Greg Harriott
Guy Mastrion
Herbert Forsberg
Hicks Media Corp
HTE Group Inc
Inventome Ltd
J R Film (pty) ltd
Jacques Albrecht
James Carter
James Elias
Jan Klier
Jeff Platt
Jens Harms
Jesse Harris
Jessica Bennett
Joep Bannenberg
John Adderley
John Mann
John McMillin
John Roche
John Smith
john winzar
Jonathon Sendall
Juli Silver-Taracido
Justus J Schlichting
Jyri Hakala
Keith Clark
Ken Smith
Kim batterham
Liberty Lighting Limited
LiteGear Inc
Louis Carraz
Maik Kleinschmidt
Man With A Movie Camera LLc
Maria Rosario Belmar Costa
Mark Chiolis
Mark Kenfield
Mark Lamble
Mark Schwartzbard
Mark Smith
Mark Weingartner
Matthew Petrosky
Matthew Williams
Merritt Mullen
Michael Fanning
Michael Moser
Neil Wieteska
Objectis Ltd
Ohsoweird AB
Paul Curtis
Paul McIlvaine
Peter Schings
Phil Curry
Pruitt Allen
Railsback Productions
Randy Lee
Reuben Tompkins
Rich Lerner
Richard Dallett
Richard Kooris
Richard Mills
Richard Roepnack Motion Pictures LLc
Rob van Gelder
Roberto Schaefer
Roland Osborne
Sam Olly
Sarumbear Limited
Scott B
Scott Billingsley
Sean Malone
Sean Phillips
Slippery Media INC
Stephen Williams
Steven Bradford
Steven Oakley
Susan Lumsdon
Thaddeus Cooper
The Digital Cinema Society
Thomas Gleeson
Tim Sidell Ltd
Timon Mahony
Timothy Sassoon
Todd Folts
Ulf Soderqvist
Vaisty Films Corp.

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