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Changes in the near future to CML

Locked Changes in the near future to CML

Geoff Boyle

Because of health issues and an unclear future after 24 years of running CML I am now handing over to a group of people who will be responsible for CML in the future.


The public face, i.e. those talking to sponsors and cinematographers societies etc, will be Franz Pagot AIC, Roberto Schaefer AIC ASC, Mark Weingartner ASC.

Technical running of CML will be the responsibility of Adam Wilt.

Our bookkeeper, his description I’m going for CFO 😊, is George Hupka.

Mick van Rossum NSC and Adam Wilt will be in charge of all camera and lens testing.

Jessica Gallant will continue to be our west coast listmum and Indy film person.

Manny Suys will continue as European listmum.

David Mullen ASC and Tim Sassoon will continue as valued advisors.


This handover has been happening in the background for 3 months now and should be finalised by the end of January.


This does not mean that I will not be here or that I’ll not be involved. I’ll be just as much a GOMIB as usual!


Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS
EU based cinematographer
+31 637155076



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