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I managed to stop the first scheduled message!

locked I managed to stop the first scheduled message!

Geoff Boyle

I'd written a message for you all about what to do and what the passwords and accounts were and set it to delayed send. I just cancelled it
After the first part of the op, the biggest part, went well they found that the feeding tube was twisted and not working itll be more than a week before I can eat in any way other than through a tubešŸ˜„

I spent this afternoon watching a monitor showing a live xray picture as they fed a metal insert into the full length of the tube and they wiggled and twist and thought they had it. So they took the metal out and I watched food go down the Aruba and spread out into my stomach,Ā  really cool.

I now have to wait for a week before they do the second stage and I hopefully cancel thoseĀ  delayed message!


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