locked Analytics changes

Geoff Boyle

I have removed all google analytics links from the CML websites.

This will mean that I have less info about who uses CML but I prefer that to the amount of info that Google collects.

This means that CML now has absolutely no tracking of users other than general anonymous country of origin, browser & OS and page viewed.

I'll miss the breakdown of age and gender but it's a small price to pay.

The differences between the figures generated by Google and directly from our server are interesting. Google consistently lists China much lower than our servers see. The overall figures are also hugely lower.

We will continue to use analytics on the site as this is the only way I can get info about who is using it and how. I need to know the split between mobile and desktop. Of course this only effects people who use the web interface, if you use email, as 80% of members do, you'll avoid all analytics.


Geoff Boyle NSCĀ