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Locked CML statement on the death of Halyna Hutchins.

CML Admin

We at CML are shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of
cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. While the authorities work to
establish what happened, we would like to encourage everyone who works
in the film business to always voice their concerns on safety at any
time, so another loss can be avoided. As professionals, we always
strive to complete the daily schedule at our best, regardless of
limited resources and insufficient rest. As artists, we always give
our heart and soul to the story we are putting on screen. As human
beings, we always care for our fellow crew members, talent, and anyone
else on set, and we should always protect people who trust us: because
we are professionals, artists and humans.

Alternatives to real firearms should be used on set whenever possible,
always adopting all necessary safety measures to avoid another tragedy
like this ever happening again. Working hours should be balanced with
necessary rest. The sufficient number of competent and experienced
people should be provided for the task, along with appropriate tools
to do our job properly and safely. Nobody should be rushed in a way
that safety checks are skipped. Ever.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Halyna Hutchins family and friends, and
to everyone affected by this huge loss. A professional artist and
wonderful human being is no longer with us. This should never happen

- - -
George Hupka, Jessica Gallant, Mark Weingartner, Merritt Mullen, Franz
Pagot, Mick van Rossum, Tim Sassoon, Roberto Schaefer, Emmanuel Suys,
Adam Wilt
CML Administrators
Europe and North America