locked Information on who uses CML

Geoff Boyle

I thought it would be good to share some of the data collected anonymously about CML visitors, this aggregates CML & CMLTests.


The age of users is interesting 25-34 is the biggest group with 41% of users followed by 35-44 with 24%, 18-24 is disappointing with only 15%, 45-54 is 12%, 55-64 6% and GOM’s account for 3%. If that doesn’t add up to 100 it’s due to rounding errors.


The percentage of female members has crept up from 15% a year ago to 16% now.


As far as countries go the US is still the clear leader with 45%, the UK has 10%, Canada 6%, Germany 3%, Australia 3%, India 3%, France 2%, Spain 1.5%, Netherlands 1.5% & Italy 1.5%. The balance is from 129 other countries. China jumps around all over the ratings and I suspect it has to do with their web restrictions, they have varied from a high of 3 to a low of 17 this year, different every time I check.


Chrome is by far the most widely used browser followed by Safari with 87% between them. I suspect that one of the big drivers of Chrome use is auto-translate which is a lifesaver for a lot of us and unique to Chrome.


64% of people use a desktop and these users visit more often and for much longer than mobile users.


These figures do not apply to email, where 80% of users still prefer email to using the web interface although there is a trend to message reading on mobiles since the system changes but this is hard to measure without being really intrusive!


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