Hawk Anamorphics Stateside

Sean Schiavolin

Does anyone know if there are any Hawk Anamorphic lenses available for rent stateside?  I

I'm directing a short film project in March and the plan is to use the Hawk Anamorphic V-Lite 16's on an Aaton Xterra.  

This brings up my other question. Has anyone successfully monitored the anamorphic image on an Aaton?  I don't believe they have an anamorphic viewfinder like Arri has.  

I realize the best solution would be an Arri 416 but we don't have one available at our disposal.  

Many thanks,

sean schiavolin
Austin, TX

Kenny Sule

Keslow in Los Angeles has them - don’t think anywhere else does. They also rent the optical block with desqueeze.

Kenny Sule

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V-Lite 16's on an Aaton Xterra

Michael Guthrie

TCS in New York has the Hawk V Lite 35mm.

We’ve rented the Hawks from VER as well but I believe they subrented through Vantage.

All the best,
Michael Guthrie