LightSpace Gen3 Colour Engine

Daniel Henríquez-Ilic


Light Illusion announced in their News E-Mail (February 11th, 2018) a "totally new development of the LightSpace CMS advanced Colour Engine" .                                                              Light Illusion mentions "Extensive Beta Testing has shown significant benefit across the board, with improved grey-scale tracking, better control of blacks & shadows, greater accuracy for skin tones and other memory colours, with greatly reduced Delta-E values overall."

Look forward to see the further improvements this will bring for post-production in general, and specifically for "Log" digital-film workflows using film-emulation 3D LUTs (that emulates the film-recording to 35mm intermediate film and the photochemical finishing chain).  IMHO this was already quite accurate; with Gen2 Colour Engine.

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Daniel Henríquez Ilic


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