New Ektachrome 100D (7294)

Daniel Henríquez-Ilic

According to information published by Kodak in social network new Ektachrome 100D (7294) will be available in Super-8 motion picture format in the USA, since October 1st, 2018, and is likely to be released for 135 photo format at photokina, Cologne, Germany.

This stock would have finer grain, slightly less contrast and wider exposure latitude than previous  Ektachrome 100D (7285) according to the report  of a spanish early user. This stock would scan very well but at the same time could be used for direct projection 

The stock was designed to be developed through E6.

E6 chemicals are currently available from Tetenal and Fujifilm. Freestyle Photo in Los Ángeles area  do supply E6 Tetenal kits. Tetenal E6 can also be purchased in the UK through, in  Germany directly to Tetenal or , in Santiago de Chile at Laboratorio JPF among other places worldwide.


Daniel Henríquez Ilic
Film Photographer
Post-Producer and Consultant
Santiago de Chile, currently in Cologne to attend photokina 2018