Photo-Sonics Gear in the wild? Looking for Super 16 Actionmaster/1PD equipment...

brent finley

Hi all,

A recent Super 16MM 1VN job I was called on to support has piqued my interest in Photo-sonics gear that might still be out there in the wild.
I have my share of 1VN, 1PL, 4ML equipment.  I even own one of the old Photo-Sonics Rental house Reflexed 4ML camera bodies.

Looking at 4 Super 16mm factory 1PL mags has inspired me to look for a suitable camera body that has been modified to super 16mm.

The Rental shop at Photo-Sonics kept 1 and tossed the rest... perhaps there's a private camera in the wild.

I relish the idea of getting these mags up and running with a camera, but I really don't want to have to use an Angenieux 12-120 C-mount reflex on it.  Having a real reflex kit would be the best.

If anyone knows of a private owner with a reflexed action master let them know I'm looking for them.


Brent Finley
Chandler, AZ
Private Photo-Sonics owner/rental

PS - If you need a fast 35mm camera, let me know.  ...
PPS - if this belongs in CML-General... let me know also.  Thanks