Yet more changes!!

Geoff Boyle

I know this is going to infuriate some people but I’m sorry, we’re trying to make a better list.

Later this month, maybe February, we’ll be changing the discussion system again. It will look very much as it does now but there are background possibilities that will make it better for all of us.

What are the practical changes?

1) Everyone will be subscribed to every list and you’ll have to unsubscribe or set to no messages any list you’re not interested in. This is partly for technical reasons and partly so I can properly get a grip on membership. There are a lot of dead and duplicate memberships across all the lists and I need to know exactly how many we have in total, I suspect it’s a lot less than Lyris indicated.

2) The address for posting by email and via the web interface will change back to an one.

I’m pretty sure that I can transfer over all the current lists, topics & messages without losing anything.

I’ll try and make it all as painless as possible.

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