Arri Academy: Vancouver, BC

Art Adams

I'll be one of the instructors at this class, which covers not only a ton of Arri-specific topics but also general information that can be applied to almost any camera.

This is a great class if you work in the camera department with other cameras but don't have a lot of Arri experience; or if you have some Arri experience but want to up your game; or if you're a film student who wants to learn a lot quickly. If you're a seasoned assistant or DP who works with Arri all the time then this class probably isn't for you, but for everyone else it's a 2.5 day workshop that's well worth your while—and we fill every minute of it.

We'll have an SXT, Mini and Amira available, and we'll go through them piece by piece, menu by menu, with lots of camera and accessory play time.

If you're interested in upcoming Arri Academy events and/or want more information, please contact the event producer at kristin@....

Art Adams
Director of Photography
San Francisco Bay Area