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Arri Compact Drive Dock

Alexander Wysocki


We have a number of shows shooting with the Arri Mini LF and we are in need of the 

Arri Codex Compact Drive Dock (thunderbolt 3)
MFR #K2.0034320

Does anyone have any idea of how to a hold of one of these for purchase?
Every vendor I have thought of cannot get one.

Thank you very much,

Alex Wysocki
Production Services Specialist
FOX Entertainment
O: 310 369-5334
M: 818 536-4690

On Sep 28, 2022, at 12:14 PM, George Hupka <georgehupka@...> wrote:

Panama isn't currently on the list of ATA Carnet countries - https://www.atacarnet.com/carnet-countries


George Hupka
Saskatoon, Canada
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Michael Sippel

I don’t have any insight into availability of Compact Drive Docks (I assume you’ve contacted Codex directly?), but in a pinch you can use an SXR Capture Drive Dock (CDX-75013-2) with an SXR to Compact Drive Adapter (CX.0001009 / K2.0024131).  This should provide the same throughput as the dedicated Thunderbolt Compact Drive Dock.


Mike Sippel

Senior Engineer – Technologies and Applications


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Guy Mastrion

Hi Alex - try John Sharaf - john@...

tell him I said hello
Guy Mastrion