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CineGear looking back

CineGear looking back

Geoff Boyle

So, what was there at CineGear that made the trip worthwhile?


First, PEOPLE! So many great conversations, so little time 😊 this is what makes CG special for me. Friends and gossip.


Sunday Brunch for the same reasons, sponsored by Fuji, thanks. I’ve attached a photo.


Panavision LCD filter, hopefully they’ll deliver soon as they showed it at last CG as well.


Hive LED copy of a Joker Bug, not really but it’s the simplest way to get the idea across, a LED that is a fairly hard source, what an idea. After a show of so many me-too lights.


A few companies showing lights with much better spectrum spread so maybe good for faces, BB&S, LiteGear err Quasar Express? A couple of others I can’t remember, all the LED’s just blur into sameness.


200K SoftSun, now that’s what I call a light!


Lots of me-too old lenses. Great for a couple of jobs but then people will get bored with the look and you’re stuck with a huge investment that nobody is interested in.

I’ve already mentioned the Angenieux Optimo prime but that’s a very proof of concept thing, I’m looking forward to the real thing as I am with the GlasWerk Anamorphics. These lenses are not fashion items, they are designed as workhorses for the long term.


I haven’t mentioned cameras because there’s no reason to.


Lots of stabilised, homogenised, hydrolysed mounting systems. It’s hard to stand out here.


Great conversations with great people 😊 lets see if any of the stories/rumours come true! Especially the lens manufacturer one…



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Aasulv Wolf Austad, FNF

Thanks for the summary.
Although not new at this year's CineGear, my highlight was Nic Sadler's presentation of Caldwell Chameleon lenses and their ability to control sharpness with large format cameras.
Yes, lots of 'old' lenses that might go out of fashion, or they might not. I think many Cinematographers will prefer to control sharpness with the lens in addition, or rather than, with filters and post processing. Given what Panavision and Arri are pushing out, particularly after the Alexa65 launched, my bet is that softer lenses for large format cameras are in for the long haul. Just like the market sweet spot for lens sharpness changed between 2/3" DigiPrimes and S35 lenses, it's changing between S35 and Full Frame.
Aasulv 'Wolf' Austad, FNF
DP, Altadena, California