How to establish ISO rating of modern digital cameras objectively

Tony Ngai

各位有一近期常被問到之技術問題, i.e 如何决定現代電影數碼攝影機之ISO rating?
recent frequently being asked question, 'how to determine the ISO rating(objectively)on modern digital motion imaging cameras?
在first edition of ASC video manua 1972l , page 137 by Harry Mathias, Harry 有一頁文章,
“How to establish n exposure index for a video camera”!

That article was in the 1972 edition of ASC video manual(first edition),

當然那是1972年,現在是2018年, 現在的digital camera has:
“Raw, Log, various game and some has dual gain ISO rating”
那麼什様決定(客觀地)camera’s ISO?呢?
So how to determine the ISO rating of modern digital imaging cameras(objectively) nowadays?

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Chan Chi Ying

Where is my ASC video manual?!!! :-)

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