Mark Milsome

Sam Garwood

Hi All, I'm forwarding this from Sarah Rollason with her permission:

Forwarded message:

Dear All,

A quick note to say that I have been involved in helping to set up the Mark Milsome Foundation for the past 8 months.

As I am sure you are aware, Mark was killed whilst operating his camera when a stunt went tragically wrong in Ghana last November.

The Foundation have launched an impressive website with memories of Mark, ambitions for scholarships to help young people and a ‘call to arms’ to all cast and crew worldwide to purchase a Foundation T Shirt and wear it on the anniversary of Mark’s death on set and on location. To date over 500 T Shirts have been sold and many industry heads and notable actors have stepped forward to officially recognise and support the Foundation including BAFTA, Daniel Craig, Panavision, Emma Thompson, Richard Curtis, Sam Mendes etc see full list here

I would be very grateful if you would visit the site, remember Mark and consider purchasing a T shirt and wearing it in Marks honour during Black T Week 18th - 24th November. Also please consider following this note to all of your industry colleagues.

With Thanks


Sam Garwood