Set up Nodal Lamda Head

Graham Futerfas

Hi all,

I know I’ve seen an article, somewhere long ago, about how to properly set up a Lamda Head to be nodal. I would love to have this information at hand for a shoot I’m doing with a 3-axis Lamda, so I can hand it off to my AC and let them figure it out.

I think it involved setting up a couple of c-stands in a line, and if you panned and didn’t reveal the c-stand behind, then you were nodal… but maybe that’s a crude way to do it?

Is there a good technique that some of you have for setting up the Lamda head to be Nodal?


Graham Futerfas
Director of Photography
Los Angeles, CA

Mako Koiwai

Counter weights and extensions. The Clairmont sale might have them.

Makofoto, s. pas, ca