transparent mirror on camera for talent to see their own reflection

Greg Harriott

Hi All,

I'm filming a makeup tutorial next week where we want the models to look into the camera like it's a mirror to apply some of their makeup.

I've done this before by using a teleprompter with a 1x1 mirror which works ok, but I'm sure there is a simpler way of doing it.  I'm thinking of just attaching a 1x1 transparent mirror to the front of the matte box - does anyone know a place in NYC that rents or sells a transparent mirrors that are decent to shoot through?  Any issue with just using the glass part of a teleprompter rigged vertically?


Greg Harriott

Lorenzo Levrini

I’ve done this exact thing multiple times with a one way mirror. You’ll need to black out the camera side. I’m not NYC so not sure where you can get this local to you.


Lorenzo Levrini
DP, London

Mark Weingartner, ASC

6x6 Panchro ND3 or ND6 will work just fine for that:-)

LA based DP

Greg Harriott

Thanks Mark + Lorenzo - that's really helpful!

Greg Harriott

On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 01:42 AM, Mark Weingartner, ASC wrote:
6x6 Panchro ND3

Jignesh Jhaveri, Photographer + DOP, Mumbai, India.

Hi Greg,

Been using the beamsplitters from and they have worked very well. 

Not affiliated with this company, just use and like their stuff.

Kind Regards,
Jignesh Jhaveri
DOP, Mumbai, India.

Mako Koiwai

Just note that Clairmont Camera crushed all of their Panchro filters after one to many reshoots because of reflection issues. So just be Very mindful!

I rented mine to a big motion control shoot, with Appropriate Warning. They were very careful but perhaps because they could only view off a monitor, Arri 435 IVS, they missed an internal mattbox reflection.

Used reflective surface Out, as in your case, should be OK. Now just watch for that front mirror kicking a hot spot into your set.

 Panchro filters should only be wet cleaned, preferably using their cleaner.

Makofoto, S. Pasadena, Ca

Greg Harriott

Thanks Jignesh + all.  I ended up ordering a 1x1 teleprompter mirror from  The glass looks great and it shipped quickly so looking good.

Mako Koiwai

Just a hit angle on a regular filter … :-)

A variation … the Errol Morris technique of using a half mirror to get the interviewee to look directly into the matte box:

Updated, inexpensive way to achieve that:

makofoto, s. pasadena, ca

Greg Harriott

If anyone is interested in seeing the finished product, here is in a link to Instagram video/pics from my 1st AC.  Velcro + blackwrap on a spare back worked great and made it easy to pop on/off:

Greg Harriott

Mako Koiwai

Nice! … and simple

No Reflection issues … bounces off the mirror into the set?

makofoto, loves KISS

s. pasadena, ca