WAS Do we really want the ARRI LF ? NOW Shallow DOF

Christopher Rowe

On 04.02.2018 11:37, Will Weprin wrote:
These ultra shallow depth of field shots are driving me crazy though. Usually it is impossible to make out anything in the background, it is just a mush of color and it is very claustrophobic to watch.

I thought we had left the fetish for ultra shallow depth of field a long way behind us. FF for video has been around for quite a long time, it was in the years after Canon introduced the 5DMkII that entry level cinematographers slapped a f1.2 prime on it, opened the aperture all the way and gushed about the cinematic look, whereas for most industry professionals the real cinematic look was achieved with S-35 at T2.8-5.6.

Nowadays I would hope we've reached the point where razor-thin depth of field is one tool in the kit bag, to be used when needed from a story-telling point of view, and I welcome that the move towards FF as a standard allows that.

No one is going to prevent you stopping down to select the desired level of separation, with modern cameras even light levels are not a problem any more (and the Arri LF has allegedly made improvements in this field as well, despite sticking with 800 base ISO)





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Art Adams

Is there another camera less noisy than Alexa? I haven't seen it. It's as if they got the sensor correct right out of the gate (post D20/D21) and they just refuse to compromise in ways that other manufacturers will: smaller, noisier photo sites.

Monstro looks like it'll be a decent looking camera, as does Venice. Neither are as quiet as any of Arri's products. They're not bad, they're just not great in the noise department. Right now there's no way around physics.

To me, large format looks like a way for Arri to get in the door at Netflix without compromising on image quality in the least. And I'll be curious to see how much less noise there is in a sensor that has the same characteristics as an SXT or Mini but is twice the size. I'll bet we can rate it faster without much pain at all.

And these new lenses... very interesting.

I hope to see an LF in the near future, so I'll report back.

Note: I work for Arri as a consultant but I have no inside knowledge of their marketing strategy for this camera. These are my own thoughts.

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