Re: Next lens testing

Colin Elves

Isn’t the Sigma Cine 50mm the old design? The new 40mm is purpose built for cinema so would be more interesting I think.

Colin Elves
Director of Photography

On 27 Feb 2019, at 09:48, Geoff Boyle <geoff@...> wrote:


I’m heading towards standardising on one lens from each manufacturer, I will be able to show colour shifts, resolution, coverage and bokeh differences between lens series.


A 50mm, or near, will be the focal length tested.


I’m limiting the tests to lenses that are T2 and faster, with maybe an exception or two 😊


So far I’ve found…


ARRI Signature 47mm

Canon 50mm

Cooke 7i 50mm

Samyang Xeen 50mm

Schneider Xenon FF 50mm

Sigma Cine 50mm

Tokina Vista 50mm

Zeiss CP3 50mm

Zeiss Supreme 50mm


Cooke 1.8* 50mm Ana

Scorpio 2* 50mm


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