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Art Adams

>There's also the fact that people have been using terribly non-telecentric lenses


I think it depends. I shot a number of commercials with Cooke Speed Panchros on ARRI Minis and didn’t run into any strange issues beyond the funkiness I expected to see… which is why I used the lenses. Vignetting, weird bokeh, softness… they worked perfect for a long-time client who wanted an abstract dreamy look.


The problem comes when you don’t want that funkiness. For example, HDR doesn’t like funkiness. Or, rather, it shows all the funkiness with great clarity, to the point where it can be distracting.


So yes, you can use all sorts of lenses for all sorts of effects. And effects aren’t that hard to create. What’s hard is if you don’t want the effects. That’s when your options become limited. That’s when you need lenses with more modern designs and expensive glass.


And, of course, at some point nearly every “funky” lens available now was the best lens of its time. This includes Cooke Speed Panchros.


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