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Mid-level cine prime recommendations

Mid-level cine prime recommendations

Cameron Zohoori

Hello all,

My company (a small creative agency/production house focusing on doc-style commercial and original productions) is looking to upgrade from our assortment of mostly still lenses (Canon EF primes/zooms, Sigma Art lenses, etc.) to a set of matched, mid-priced cine primes. We need FF coverage as we often shoot Sony A7SII as B-cam to an FS7 A-cam.

We're currently looking at Zeiss CP2, Schneider Xenon, Sigma FF, Canon CN-E, and maybe the Xeens. Online comparisons and reviews are all over the board in their quality/consistency of testing. We've tested a couple but would very much like to hear thoughts from other filmmakers with real world experience with these lenses. They all seem like good options; does anyone have thoughts on practical differences between these or similar choices, red flags in terms of optics/usability, or which you would trust as workhorse lenses for a range of doc projects? Happy to hear subjective opinions...

Thank you

Cameron Zohoori
Senior Producer
Vignette Creative
Seattle, WA 

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