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Re: Mid-level cine prime recommendations

Re: Mid-level cine prime recommendations

Jay Holben

The Cine-Xenar's are designed for a 31.5mm image circle (S35). You may get lucky with the longer focal lengths covering FF, but you're out of luck on the wides. The wide two (18, 25) are T2.2, the 35 is T2.1 and the standard/longer three (55, 75, 95) are T2. There is a planned 14mm T2.2 but, thus far, that has not come to fruition.

Schneider does have the Xenon Full Frame lenses - all of which cover 43.3mm image circle. They're actually cheaper than the Xenar III's.

All the best,

Jay Holben
Co-chair ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council Lens Committee
Los Angeles, CA

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On Mar 5, 2018, at 11:19 PM, Matthew Clark <str8films1@...> wrote:

The surprise lenses were the Cine-Xenar III.
I’m not sure about their coverage for FF.

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