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 (Watch “Tangerine” for an amazing tiny camera, award winning feature!)

For every Tangerine or brilliant 5D feature there are ten thousand unwatchable ones…
nothing wrong with that - that’s ten thousand crews learning what works and what doesn’t without spending per roll of film:-)

And then there are those Directors that have to show their importance by using large format film cameras, whether appropriate or not …

At some point I will write an essay on goal-driven versus process-driven choices in film-making.

For some directors, DPs, VFX Supervisors, Costume designers, etc etc  the process by which the “thing” is made is an intrinsic part of its value whereas to others, the only thing of importance is the final image and its accompanying sound track and the method by which it was arrived at is immaterial.

Most of us fall somewhere in between.

Some of the fashion for 5-65 and Alexa 65 and etc may be driven by the process changes that they require - some of it is about the actual image - and some of it may be bragging rights.

Some of it, of course, is business - if one photographs a certain amount of one’s project in native IMAX (rather than uprezzing)  then one gains some IMAX screen theater booking advantages.

I need to gather my thoughts about this topic to write something coherent and will post it in the appropriate section (not Glass)   when I do so, but as a teaser:

Just as putting on a costume affects the way an actor walks and acts, so choosing a particular type of camera package affects how many people on set act and interact - and the final product is the sum of many different components, many affected by the way people choose to work.

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