ARRI Signature primes on Alexa LF lens test

Florian Stadler

Received this combo from Arri and wanted to feel it out. This is not really a test as it is more of a taking the lenses out on a spin.

It was shot with only natural light handheld at my landlords art studio at 1280 ASA.

We had the 25mm, 47mm and 75mm as those were the first in the set to deliver.

I have a 4K Prores file available i will send a link if requested. 


This lens test boogie showcases the talents of many creative individuals. 

Dancer: Gina Marie Gonsalves

Potter: Carlos Aguilar

Director: Cary Gallagher

DP: Florian Stadler

Makeup: Josefine Wissenberg

Camera Assistant: Mikail Van Maren

DIT: Timothy Montoya

Color Grading: Bunte Farben

Special Thanks to Peter Shire for letting us shoot in his beautiful studio.

We shot day exteriors as well as magic hour into night, I promise i will cut those into a more coherent test when i have some time...


Francisco Bulgarelli

Beautiful work!

Seth Marshall

Thank you for this!  My I ask what/if any grading was done?  Were the colors popping that much straight from camera?  And more importantly, how was handholding the LF!?
S e t h  M a r s h a l l

Florian Stadler

Yes we did a grade in Resolve and I went pretty saturated with the colors (in the 60 range) as I felt it was nice how the image detail could hold up to that and fitted the subject matter.
The LF with the Signature Primes was on the heavy side but balanced very nicely on the shoulder and was very manageable in conjunction with an Easyrig, Serene arm and Gravity One.

Florian Stadler
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