Brilliant Macro Attachment Lenses - Demo Reel

Dwight Lindsey

We have a new short demo reel of images shot with a Canon Compact-Servo 70-200 and our Brilliant Macro attachment lenses:

Many of these shots were made with two of our Brilliant Macro lenses stacked on the front of the Compact Servo 70-200 for a +5 diopter macro.  The image quality is still terrific, even when the lenses are stacked.

Focus is held during zoom.

Feel free to download the reel and examine it however you wish.  Large monitors recommended!

More details about the Brilliant Macro lenses on our website:

Base lens compatibility guide:

That list is what we knew as of April 1, 2018.  Our Brilliant Macro lenses will work with many other lenses, including the amazing Fujinon 85-300 (we work from 120 - 300 with that lens)

If I can answer any questions, you can ask them here or email me directly.


Dwight Lindsey
Lindsey Optics, LLC