Firecrest ND Filters

Emmanuel SUYS


For an upcoming job the rental house does not have the platinum ND
filters we would like but is offering Firecrest ND filters instead.

Anyone familiar with these filters. How neutral are they? Unfortunately
will not be able to test and compare so any input welcome and very much

Kind Regards

Manny, Munich

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Emmanuel, as a rental house owner AND Formatt Dealer, I can say that the FC's are great. They were the first super-neutral IR/ND on the market. Formatt tends to run third in a three horse race (Schneider, Tiffen) but it's definitely NOT because of the product they make. I would put their best against all the other guys best, and it would be a draw at worst, and probably a resounding win in a few categories.

Bob Donnelly
North American Camera

Richard Bradbury

I’ve tested them extensively. They are excellent filters, very colour neutral, with accurate density up to 10 stops.

They are made with surface deposition rather than a dye process like standard NDs. This can mean that one side of the filter is more reflective than you might like. This is mostly true of densities between 0.9 and 1.5.

Richard Bradbury
Focus Puller

On 11 Apr 2018, at 19:17, Emmanuel SUYS <emmanuel.cml@...> wrote:

Anyone familiar with these filters. How neutral are they? Unfortunately
will not be able to test and compare so any input welcome and very much

Gavin Greenwalt

Phil Holland did a good review of the Firecrest NDs back when they were released.

I’ve used them myself and didn’t have any problems.   Pretty much every single one of the ‘metal’ NDs are so much better than anything we were using 10 years ago that I almost feel bad comparing them.  

Gavin Greenwalt
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Seattle, WA

Art Adams

I've used them and have no complaints.

Art Adams
Director of Photography
San Francisco Bay Area

Daniel Fiorito

I’m currently on a show for CBS and we’re using Firecrest filters. Overall we’ve been very happy with the results but we did notice two of our ND 0.3 filters were a bit off. Using a light meter we tested them and one filter measured 1.3 stops of neutral density while the other measured 1.2 stops.

We swapped them out and the new ones were correct. Anyone else encountered this issue?

Daniel Fiorito
ICG 600 First Camera Assistant, NY
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Mako Koiwai

The nice thing about digital cameras is that we typically don’t make mistakes with filter factors … and we don’t worry about accurate factors because we are monitoring the actual exposure off of the sensor.

A 0.1 stop is hardly noticeable … film or digital. With film you will get more of a density change from beginning of the roll to the end just from going through the processing machine.

We sometimes make a library of WB balance corrections through the ND filters, that we can dial in with filter changes.

makofoto, s. pasadena, ca

Leonard Levy

I replaced a number of off color ND’s with firecrest precisely because they were so neutral. 

Leonard Levy DP
San Rafael, CA