Streak images needed - Lindsey Optics Brilliant² Rota-Streak

Dwight Lindsey

We've just introduced our first streak filters, which are the Brilliant² Rota-Streak filters.  We've put our new streak filters into the same geared rotating filter tray that we use for our Brilliant² Rota-Pol and our Brilliant² Variable Neutral Density.

So now it's easy to get a horizontal streak or streak in any orientation.  And of course the Rota-Streak can be motorized.

In addition to linear streaks in various colors, we've got some new streak styles, including stars and swirls.

What we don't have yet is imagery using the Rota-Streak.

Here's a link to the product:

You'll note a distinct lack of imagery and we need to change that.

So I'm looking for imagery made with these products.  Ideally it would involve a real production such as a music video, but I'm open to any suggestions.

Those interested should contact me privately to discuss this at:  dwight@... 


Dwight Lindsey
Lindsey Optics, LLC