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Re: 20x20 butterfly & silk

Re: 20x20 butterfly & silk

Clemens Majunke

Hi Donald, 

Have you tried the guys at Take2 in Glasgow (former VI Rental)? Very nice folks and can probably sort what you need.



Director of Photography

Europe and UK based

On 26 Jul 2018, at 09:44, Donald Mitchell via Cml.News <donaldmitchell=btinternet.com@...> wrote:

I might need to rent (or buy) a 20x20 butterfly and silk for a 2 week shoot.

I’m getting a rental quote from Panalux in Glasgow - any other places that might be good? (I’m in Scotland).

It might be better value to buy though.

Buying wise, so far I’ve found a Matthews product and a Kupo Product, any others I should know about?

Thanks for any help.

Donald Mitchell

Edinburgh Film Studios


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