battery-powered LED panels not trustworthy?

Gavin Stokes

Hi all.

Affordable daylight-only LED panels aren't all that common. I'm on a tight budget, so I bought a couple of Dracast Silkray 400 panels.

Twice now I've gotten heavily compromised results because these things don't go off when the batteries get low. They just fade out gradually, so minute-to-minute you can't trust the output of these lights.

I have cheapo Neewer bi-color panels that behave as expected: They just shut off when they can't maintain light output.

I consider the Dracasts' behavior to be defective. None of my other battery-powered production equipment simply fails gradually when the battery power is insufficient to do its job!

Would anyone like to weigh in with an opinion on this? Draco has admitted the behavior but has thrown up their hands and said, "Well, we can't fix that."

Thanks for any input.

Gavin Stokes