INTELLYTECH - Light Cannon

Justin Lovell

Has anyone got experience with these fixtures and can comment on pros/cons?
or an alternative option.

We have the litecloth lc-160 with and it performs fairly well for a lightweight small travel kit. Color is acceptable and good punch. Good value for the price. 

Looking for a large source that can be run outside windows with more punch then my Joker 800 and run off household power 120v.
They claim it to have a 6k tungsten equivalent.  (not likely).  $3300 with wifi control etc etc... hmm.

Looking at the 800 series (bicolor wifi)

and the f485 series (bicolor wifi)

I just spoke with one of the owners, Aaron. They're located in Denver USA, which is promising. They share some of the same factories in China as Falcon eyes and other brands to keep manufacturing costs down on housings but that may be changing as they recognize how that's affecting their image. 

They will be releasing a light cannon pro in the next 2-3 months that will be smaller the the 800 and have similar output. Taking all the feedback from their other lights and bringing out this one. May be something to lookout for. 

All the best! 

Justin Lovell 
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