JoLeko: EDLT Lens Tubes vs Standard - Worth the Upgrade?

Ed David


worth upgraded my leko lenses to the EDLT  
If your using as you described  and not using patterns, you get about a 10 % gain in output and that's about it for the way you use them.  I would stick to what you have.  my 2 cents

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Subject: [cml-lighting] JoLeko: EDLT Lens Tubes vs Standard - Worth the Upgrade?

Hi guys,

Apologies if this has been asked before - but seeing if its worth upgraded my leko lenses to the EDLT  (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube) vs the standard ones when I primarily use these for jo leko setups, to create natural sunlight hits as well as hitting lighting into ceilings and areas I can't get to as easily.

Ed David

Ted Hayash

Ed, I can answer your question about ED lens tubes for Source 4's in two parts:

Are the EDLT's better than the standard tubes? Yes, as they're designed to producer a flatter field, reduced color fringing and crisper cuts, especially with the LED fixtures. 

Will they be better for you in working practice? This depends on how well cared for they are - lens tubes for Source 4's tend to collect dirt and scratches, which as with any lens, affects performance. If they can be stored with a cover and kept clean (the standard 36° lens has two elements, making it impossible to clean without disassembly, my guess is the EDLT is similar design but I haven't checked) you'll maintain the benefit of the higher quality. 

Personally, I prefer the zoom version of the Source 4 - yes, it's heavier, but it's so much more convenient than changing lenses. And anything that can help reduce the number of decisions made on set is also super helpful, even if it's "which lens do you want in that light".

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