Motion Control, Tabletop cinematography, High Speed, Model movers, turntables, rigs etc...

Jignesh Jhaveri, Photographer + DOP, Mumbai, India.

Hello again,

I'm looking to learn about, see and buy the following - for high speed table top cinematography work.

  • Motion controlled model movers
  • Compressed air (ejectors)
  • Pneumatic Pistons (actuators)
  • Turntables
  • Computer controlled / timed liquid and solid rigs...
  • Liquid Stylists
  • Special Effects (tabletop) artists/techs
  • and more...
Can anyone hook me up with the right people in the LA / California / nearby areas. (visiting in May/June)

I am looking to see, learn and buy, not rent, as I'm based in Mumbai, India.

Back in October 2016, Mark H Weingartner, Rob Leitzell, Benedict Bannister and Michael Sanders were of great help in starting me off on this journey (Thank you!) - that post is here:

In anticipation...
Kind Regards,
Jignesh Jhaveri
Photographer + DOP
Mumbai, India