Purchasing Lantern Locks


I have just had a quote from Film Tools in the USA for four Lantern Locks and paper lanterns. 'Tres' Expensive with unknown taxes and shipping.
I have used these lanterns many times, and they are the best solution in my opinion. Problem is the hire companies are always out of stock (they get borrowed you see).
I have decided to buy some of my own.

Does anybody know of any UK suppliers that hold stock of Lantern Locks and the envelopes?

Wayne Mansell

Marty Oppenheimer

Barbizon in NYC carries them.  Don't they also have UK offices?

Marty Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer Camera Products

Daniel Drasin

One home-brew alternative to Lantern Locks is to acquire an ordinary domestic lamp harp and attach it to the sides of the China Ball's wire "stretcher" frame. Attach a lamp socket, extend it with a couple of inches of brass pipe and clamp it in a C-stand grip head. The result isn't heavy-duty but can be quite serviceable if handled with care.

If you're using LED light sources you can attach the harp to the stretcher frame with strips of adhesive aluminum "dryer duct" tape. For incandescents you'd surely want a more heat-resistant connection, such as tightly wrapped single-strand picture wire. (Disclaimer: I haven't tried the latter, and generally shy away from using incandescents in China balls.)

Dan Drasin
Marin County, CA

Howard Davidson

The best/only bet is to contact/purchase from Daniel Watchulonis directly.  mail@...

Howard Davidson

Oh, also keep in mind that the paper lanterns that come with them are not standard here in the UK, so I'd order extra.