Real output of Fresnel LED light

cleverson cassanelli

I am looking for real information about the output of Fresnel LED light.
already checked the photometrics in all availeble products website
but, not seen to be trustable in few cases.

so, i have one head of SOLA4+ 50W and looking for another head, with more output than sola4+
at now i am looking the following models to compare: (i choose this cause the price)

RAYZR 300W daylight
INTELLYTECH CANNON F-165/300/485W daylight
IKAN STRYDER 200W bicolor

tell me about if anyone have experience in field with
this LED's. Wich one will really be stronger?

half stop, even one stop i dont think will be big difference
cause i can just move forward SOLA to gain this.
i need at least 2 stops brighter

in time.
i have one LITEMAT4+ and one Select30 in my kit
i just looking for another fresnel to work with Sola

Cleverson Cassanelli
DP/Sao Paulo/Brasil