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Re: Sony Picture Profile

Re: Sony Picture Profile

Simon Lakos

Hi Fernando,

Once you have the Picture Profile list selected in your menu you can press to the right on the thumbwheel and it will go further into the settings. Each PP will have a pre-selected Gamma and Colour Space which you can change and play around with the black levels. Here is where you can, as Geoff rightly said, test test test.

Here is a link which may offer you some help:

If you’re looking to grade or use luts then despite the lacking bit-depth, S-Log2 will give you more control.

I hope this gets you on your way,


Director of Photography



On 9 Jul 2020, at 06:10, Geoff Boyle <geoff@...> wrote:

Hi Fernando,


I can’t help as this is way outside my experience.

However, my best advice always is to test test test.


Please sign your messages in future.


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Next month I am going to shoot a video in Sony Alpha 7 iii and a Sony Alpha 6300. My last experience with Sony I use  PPP2 and I don't know if I miss something, the footage was pushing for red. I have seen some videos about how to set up Sony Picture Profile, but I didn't find a good solution. Anybody knows a good material about it? Or does anyone like or work with Sony Alpha can explain for me how her/his PPP setup. 

Thanks a lot

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