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Re: Sony Picture Profile

Re: Sony Picture Profile

Agustin Barrutia

Hello Fernando!. 

I've been using the Sony Alpha cameras for some time already and owned some of them. 
They can be a bit tricky with exposure and Luts, but once you get to know them and how to deal with it, they can give great results! I even used them as B cams with Fs7 and Arri Alexas and with a good Colorist you dont really see the difference (depending on subject matter of course).
My first advice is that, depending what you shoot and in which situation Slog might be a good or a bad choice. You need to overexpose it at least 1 stop to avoid noise, and if you dont have enough light you might be better shooting in another profile like Cine4. The aps-c cameras are much noisier than the FF ones so be careful with under exposure, specially with the A6300. Be careful not to overexpose too much or you'll compress your highlights and loose a lot of quality and it will be very difficult to grade.
Try to get external onboard monitors that can use LUTS and get your colorist do some exposure LUTS with -1 corrections so you can shoot seeing a "graded" image. As the camera doesnt support luts, if you dont have an external monitor with a correction LUT you will be shooting looking at an overexposed image. 
As Simon Lakos said you should configure the PP to your choice, so get into any PP and choose which Gamma/Gamut setup you will be using. 
Some people might use s-log3 for day exterior and high contrast situations, and switch to slog2 for interior and darker shots, but in the end in my experience the results are quite similar once you grade the footage. For this TEST! and try to find your best setup depending on your shoot. Id stick with gamma slog2/gammut3cine for start. Slog3 will compress highlights and crop at 95% or something, and if you use zebras at 100% you might think there is detail in the highlights but they will be blownout. 
A very good resource with lots of info on Sony cameras, Slog2, Slog3 etc is Alister Chapman Blog: http://www.xdcam-user.com/picture-settings-and-luts/
Take your time and go though it and read about PPs, Tips etc; and after reading about it TEST!!!!!
Another good resource where you can make your own luts is LUTCALC: https://cameramanben.github.io/LUTCalc/
Be careful to choose correctly the configuration on Lutcalc to avoid problems. If you dont understand the parameters look for help from an experienced Colorist.



Agustin Barrutia (ADF),
Buenos Aires, Argentina,

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