Arri Academies - Brooklyn and Chicago

Art Adams

Hi all-

The Arri Academy is coming to Brooklyn and Chicago in March. If you'd like to sign up:




It's a 2.5 day class covering the ins-and-outs of how Arri cameras work, theory, practice, parts and accessories, LUTs, tip and tricks, etc. If you're mildly familiar with Arri products and want more in-depth knowledge, or if you've never worked with Arri cameras before, this is a great introduction. A lot of what we talk about is specific to Arri cameras, but there's also a huge amount of general knowledge that we'll cover that applies to all cameras. While we focus on Arri cameras, there's also a lot of information that applies to all cameras.

I'll be one of the instructors.

There's another Academy planned in Vancouver, BC for April, and others are being organized beyond that (such as Atlanta in June or July). If you want more information about upcoming Academies, or if you want to ask us to come to your area, contact the Academy coordinator, Kristin Petrovich, at kristin@....


Art Adams
Director of Photography
San Francisco Bay Area