factors of self analysis ?


In my recent student project, I tried to do build an image system in a different way. But after a premier of my project, I didn't get an expected reaction. So how do I do self- analysis and learn from mistakes ? what are the factors that I should consider and base on for self- analysis ?

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Gonçalo Neves Cruz

Hey! Totally not an expert and in the learning process myself. 

But I would say that what constitutes the success of a project is the purpose you initially defined. 
If the purpose was to create a piece that would awaken specific reactions in a said audience and it didn't, then it's important to go back and try to understand what could get those results.
If the purpose was to create a piece that in the process stand-point was different and you were able to do it, then you could have reached what you were looking for and the audience reaction might be because they were not expecting something like that (which might be good) or you could maybe share better the process decisions.

Anyway, I don't quite understand what an image system stands for. If you want to share the project or details I'd gladly give you my input :)

Gonçalo Neves Cruz, Founder Ladio Films (Portugal)