Lighting gag for an outdoor blue screen

Luc Ung

Hello everyone,

I'm preparing a music video that's being thought of as a two minute single take in front of a 30' blue screen. Because of the restricted budget, we plan to shoot outdoors using natural sunlight. However, the script calls for a transition from daylight to sunset to a starry night (done in VFX). I had a hard time wrapping my head around how I could make this transition look convincing besides walking in negative fill to increase the contrast and maybe changing the color temperature in post to match the changing background. Any suggestion would be welcomed, and I thank you all in advance.

Luc Ung
New York City

Art Adams

It seems to me that you need to change the quality of the light. Rather than walk in negative fill, maybe bring in diffusion, branches or netting to break up the sunlight during the take and then reduce exposure/change color in post to create sunset and night. You can always pull the exposure down and increase contrast in post, but you can’t easily change the quality of the light. Also, any negative fill will likely change the exposure on your blue screen as you’d be blocking front light, and that could become problematic in post.


I suggest recording in a very lightly compressed 4:4:4 recording format and over expose about a stop to keep the noise down. You might want to put a solid backing on the blue screen and twist it away from the sunlight so it only catches blue sky light and stays evenly lit and saturated.


Disclaimer: I have never done this, I can’t guarantee results, talk to your compositor before attempting.




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