Best non-DCI projector for grading.

James Gardiner

Hi all,
Helping to setup a new theatre for theatrical sound mainly  We are also wanting to make it possible to grade.  I typically do DCI based installs (Barco or NEC).  But clients are simply not up to paying the price it requires to do it properly. (50K plus for (2k not even 4K) projector)
So I was wondering if people had a suggestion of what NON-DCI projector they consider OK for colour grading on, but is at a more reasonable price. (Reasonable meaning NOT DCI pricing.)

We have the good CMS and probe on hand.

The cost, brightness and quality of the latest domestic projectors is extremely good,  But that does not mean they are suitable..  
So I would really appreciate those connected to grading on the list could give some input on what they have found usable.


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