BT 1886


Hi All.

I’m messing around with the settings on my Panasonic TV to get it looking decent.

With some settings in the right mode, it gives me the option to use BT1886 gamma curve.

Should I? Is that better than an standard gamma of 2.4.  I’ve had a bit of a read and it seems to hark back to matching LEDs to CRTs.

Any thoughts appreciated. 


Michael Sanders
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Steve Shaw

We do not recommend BT1886 to any of our clients/customers.
The concept is flawed, as with any display that has a black level greater than zero will have washed-out shadows.
And as it requires a measured black and white point to calculate the gamma, i cannot see how a 'setting' on aTV could possible work accurately.
Best to stick to a standard power law.
(But, I would also strongly suggest you profile the display to measure what the gamma really is - few TV presets are accurate.)


Steve Shaw
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