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I've also been on two jobs where the DP/photographer could not light a simple shot one was an outdoor Malibu swimming pool with a woman, this shoot a commercial had a full lighting crew 2 10k HMI's, plus 6 PA's, multiple Assistants and two DIT's..

Another was in studio again a full crew couldn't light it tried to blame the DIT LOL.. both of those jobs it was made clear, I was only to make sure the files were not corrupt, named correctly, and we had copies... And never to speak to the DP/Photographer directly...

Best of luck to all of you with or without a DIT, it doesn't matter what happens as long as you get the next job...

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A couple of observations.

Lots of DPs have “horror stories” of bad experiences they had with a DIT on a job.
We also have been dropped into situations where we had bad experiences with a gaffer or a focus puller or a grip…believe me I can fill a book (and just might some day)_

…but nobody works with a crappy focus puller and resolves to pull their own focus from then on…

…but some people have a bad experience with a DIT and resolve to avoid using one from then on.


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I feel like I’m in some cheap Sci-Fi movie and have slipped into an alternative universe.
I started this whole series of threads by trying to help people in low budget movies find a way to work within ACES.
Now we start including $200M dollar movies in the discussion.
Get a grip FFS!
This is an international list and the concerns of one union in the US…
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